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In 2005, I was suffering from some postpartum depression and although medications work for some, they were not what I wanted for my journey. I looked high and low for different modalities of care to get me out of my deep baby blues. Many things helped, body talk, EFT, regular massages, essential oils and as many nature walks as I could possibly stand. However, walking into my first Nia class virtually started to change the way I felt and with Nia I was able to get back into my very missed mediation practice.  Did Nia drive away my postpartum depression, I’m not sure, but I can tell you that I never felt the same after the very first class.

Life got busy and I didn’t get back to NIa much more than about 5 times.

Until I went to a Women’s conference in 2009 and I met a NIa instructor that would truly change my life. I stepped into her class on the grass of Grail Springs and my heart whispered this is what I want to do with the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I was at that conference with my 2-year-old business of EArth’s Berries and I was very committed to making it work.

Fast forward to the spring of 2017 and I closed Earth’s Berries and by August I had my NIa white belt and by September my basement was cleaned up and renovated to welcome all of those who would like to join me in my Nia classes.

So what is Nia you may be asking yourself? Well, it quite simply is a way of moving that encompasses dance arts, martial arts and the healing arts. But honestly I can’t describe the way it changes you, you need to take the chance and try it yourself!!

Here is my latest schedule, if you would like to attend one of the classes, the first one is always free.

If you are interested in what Nia is you can visit the Nia website, until I get more information on this site.  www.nianow.com

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