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My journey so far

Let me take you back……

My original plan had been to vlog and blog the entire journey, of my 60 Day Juice Cleanse but as much as I will post quite a bit, there is much of my life I like to keep private. However, as I enter into the next 30 days of this cleanse I thought I would write in a reflective manner about my journey and my hopes for the next 30 days.

Two months ago I received some results from my doctor that were not at all promising. Nothing immediately life-threatening but a diagnosis that would require quite a bit of medication and put my health in a debilitating situation within the next 10 years.   A year prior I had received similar information and thought that I could handle it myself. Unfortunately, I didn’t and the test results actually got much worse with some new added higher than normal numbers in different areas.

The documentary that changed it all

I am the documentary queen, I watch them, my company Earth’s Berries sponsors them within my community. I most especially gravitate to any documentary that tends to be of the environmental nature or health as they are two of my great loves. Oddly enough, through all of the documentaries I have watched, I never felt compelled to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. Likely because I am trained as a Holistic Nutritionist and have juice cleansed for years, in fact, I bought my first juicer back in 1989. For some reason, I thought oh what the heck, mainly because I had seen all of the other documentaries on Netflix, let’s watch this juice documentary. About halfway through I turned to my husband and said, that’s it, that is what I need to do. I honestly think he thought I was half-baked….”You want to juice fast for 60 days?” …Yep, I think this is the answer.

What Answer?

Let me clarify, I was not meaning that this was a weight loss answer, this was the answer that I needed to do a complete body, mind and soul reset. Because of my health background, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the health of your body does not come from just food and exercise alone. What you put into your mind and your soul is just as important as what you put into your mouth. As a child, I learned in science class that our bodies recreate themselves and are brand new bodies within 7 years. It was in that moment that disease of the body no longer made any sense to me. That knowledge led me into the world of natural health, I knew there must be more than just disease of the body.

I realized that if our bodies are new every 7 years then there is no way that a disease could stay in our bodies unless we keep it there with our mind, our beliefs, and our spirit. I know this to be true for me.

Embarking on the journey

I have done many cleanses in my life, granted never one this long. For years I cleansed and fasted at the beginning of every season, so I was not new to this journey at all. I know that my day 3 is going to be the hardest.  I will feel tired like I have been hit by a mac truck, might get some flu symptoms, but by day 4 I will be up and running like a 5-year-old. BUT, this time, something strange happened, Day one was the hardest I honestly drank juice and slept the whole day and ended up in bed at 7 pm and woke up at 7 am the next day. AND THAT WAS IT……THAT WAS THE END OF MY CLEANSING SYMPTOMS!!! I realized when the dreaded Day 3 didn’t happen this was because this is exactly what my body, mind, and spirit desperately needed. I can honestly say there has been not one white-knuckled day that I needed to hang on and wish that the day would just end. This is a very new phenomenon for me as well.

Exceptions to the “RULES”

I must say that I did not follow anyone’s plan but my own over the last 30 days, I used to assist in doing cleanse plans and meal plans for clients so I felt that my knowledge with a bit of assistance from a few other health practitioners was more than enough to keep my cleanse nutrient dense. However, my main decision in all of this was to actually begin to go within and check in with my body. I decided that it would be my body that would decide what kind of juice I would make that day and how much of it I would like to drink.  I was not at all surprised that after day 15, the days were getting cooler, so my body also decided that it would like something warm.  I added a butternut squash, roasted garlic and turmeric puree that I would have whenever my body felt an inner chill.  If I ever felt like I wanted to chew, I had cucumbers on hand at all times and would have a little munch and crunch. To keep my brain healthy and lubricated I have added coconut oil twice a day.

I have not once gotten caught up on the rules, what I have to have, what I should have, what I shouldn’t have I have spent the last 30 days being completely guided by my body. Honestly, I am a better woman for it.

So what has happened in the last 30 days??

I would love to say that my energy has shot through the roof and I am exercising every day and feel like I can run the next marathon….that would be false.

I feel incredible and my energy is the best it has been in a long time.

My desire to be in nature has gone from a want to a craving and a need, any chance I get to hike up the mountain, walk to the water or bike around the paths of my glorious community I take it.

I have re-established the love of being still, sometimes on my front porch swing sometimes surrounded by crystals and candles in my treatment space meditating

I love to cook homemade food for my family, finding healthy wholesome recipes that even the pickiest eater can love

My mind is clearer and I am experiencing many moments of change in both my personal and business life

My faith has expanded beyond anything I ever felt possible

And then there is this…..darn Juice cleanse!!

Food has been my emotional crutch for most of my life, when you take that away, just like any other addiction, you need to look at all of those things you buried using your chosen addiction. So I have days where I have no desire to get out of bed, days when I wonder, is this really the life I want to be leading. Who am I? What is my purpose? What the hell am I doing here?

And I just keep asking, it is in the asking, that lifts me from the mire and the muck and clarity finally arrives.

So? What about those numbers?

Well, there are some numbers that only my doctor can tell, but all of the ones that I can self-monitor are lower and as an added bonus I have released 22lbs of weight into the universe and hopefully, someone else can use it!!

What about the next 30 days?

I did find that I got myself into a bit of a routine drinking pretty similar juices every day, so I actually bought “Reboot with Joe” book and will use some of his recipes to get me through the next 30 days. I’m Candian so Thanksgiving is next weekend and I will be spending time with my family at my sister’s cottage. I’m making my son his favourite Pumpkin Cheesecake and I will be enjoying my Butternut squash puree and a really fruity juice for dessert. Honestly being around food doesn’t bother me at all. Sunday was communion at our church so there was “church lady sandwiches” after the service, if I can survive not eating a church lady egg salad on white bread, I can survive just about anything!!

Do I recommend it?

I recommend listening to your body. Watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and see if it resonates at all with you. It did for me.

I will say this……do something!!! If your health is a concern….do something!! Burying your head in the sand and hoping it will all work itself out is not the way to live your best life.

I will also say this, you can not just change the way you eat without looking at your mental, emotional and spiritual ways that you handle food or anything that may be causing your health concerns. The change will not be long lasting if you separate your body from your mind and spirit and somehow think that will be enough.

When you no longer have the food to rely on you may get clearer and begin to question your entire reason for being on this planet and in my opinion, that is a good thing!!

Before and Now

Here is my Day 1 and Day 30 picture. The changes are very subtle but I can see them. The Day 1 was taken in the morning and the Day 30, just before bed. I am always smiling…not sure what’s happening in these pictures…but at least I’m a grump in both!!

A Day in the Life…of a juice cleanse

This is my sink full of fresh veggies and fruits ready to be juiced!! Shameless plug, the fruit, and veggies are all soaking in Earth’s Berries Fruit and Veggies Wash.

A couple of tips for your juice cleanse

If you decide to do this, give your body love….if you can get a massage, get one. If you can take a walk, take one…..If you can ride a bike, ride one.  If you can sit in a luxurious bath….do it!!

One last tip…..

I am a Reflexologist by trade and firmly believe that the body’s system needs constant stimulation. Unfortunately, I don’t have a reflexologist that I visit on a regular basis, but I do have
these amazing shoes, they stimulate everything!! They may hurt at first because it is putting pressure on the parts of the body that need healing, but the more you use them the less they will hurt and the more they will help your body heal.

*If  a juice cleanse is something you think you might consider please talk to your doctor

My next blog post will be about stimulating your lymphatic systems and great ways to detox your body!!

In light, love and laughter