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In10tional Mornings


Do live your life on autopilot?
Do you want to live with more intention?
Start your mornings off right
with 10 minutes of intentional living.

We will focus on Inspired living and daily challenges for you to get the most out of your days. We will explore love and gratitude, learn about our energy centers and how to enhance our lives through intentional living. Our 10 minutes together will start your day off right with information, intentional dance, and a time of meditation and reflection.

This channel is also a wonderful accompaniment to my book “Sit your A.S.S down….Rule Breaking Meditation for beginners.” Join me on this journey as we make a conscious effort to live with Intention.

In love, light and laughter


Sit Your A.S.S. Down Rule Breaking Meditation for Beginners

If you have ever said “I can’t meditate,” this book is for you. Karen takes the mystery out of meditation and throws the “rules” out the door. 

Welcome to Karen’s Soap Box

A place for love, light & laughter where information on reflexology, essential oils, aromatherapy, meditation & spiritual practices.

My blogs will range from personal stories, meditation and non-toxic living to informative articles, on Reflexology and Essential Oils.

I am many things to many people – a writer, a blogger, a holistic therapist, an entrepreneur and all round gypsy spirit…