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“Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior but nobody is equal either.
People are simply unique, incomparable.
You are you, I am I.”


About Me

So, who am I?


What a loaded question. If you were to ask me to answer honestly, I’d say I am a wondrous, adventurous wild woman, hoping to never be really tamed, spending my days learning and growing more into myself every day.

However, in the end, I am many things to many people I am also:

  • A momma to an incredible adult son and a glorious teen girl. They truly are my heart. I am blessed that they came into the world and chose me to be their guide. I am honoured by this opportunity to be their parent and I have learned so much through and from them.
  • A wife in a relationship that has truly had its fair share of challenges, but with patience, love, and understanding we are finding our stride.
  • A sister and a friend to a pile of quirky, unique and glorious souls that I am blessed to walk with on this journey
  • An Entrepreneur.
  • An Educator of non-toxic and zero waste living.
  • A Holistic Practitioner specializing in Essential Oil therapy, Lymphatic drainage massage,
  • Reflexology and holistic nutrition.
  • A Meditator
  • A White Belt Nia Instructor
  • A Writer……….with horrible grammar…so bare with me.
  • A spiritual explorer delving into the world of spirituality in many different directions.

My life has been an eclectic mix of experiences and education that I hope will inspire and educate whilst providing my own quirky sense of humour to the mix.

I have spent years educating people about non-toxic living, green and eco-friendly initiatives, essential oils, different spiritual modalities and meditation. My hope is that Karen’s Soap Box will be place that is a bit of my own personal journey, but hopefully a place where you are able to find information on your own journey. This is also a bit about my story writing and my perspective about life, I don’t ever need you to agree with me, but I won’t spend my time and energy fighting to change your opinion either. My hope is that you will find within these pages tips and tools to help you on your journey to living a cleaner, simpler life is one that requires you to embrace your own power as you make informed decisions.

I want to guide you to follow your heart. If it resonates with you, whatever the “it” may be, and you feel better then keep doing it, be careful of the “they” speak and instead begin to drop inside of yourself for your own answers and follow your intuition.

I am not a scientist. I can and I will give scientific jargon and references when needed, but I prefer to speak with my own voice in words that come from my own life journey. I am, however, just a woman with a natural health educational background and practical experience and knowledge that I want to share.
I also love to tell stories, both my own and the stories of others, within my stories may you find something that speaks to your heart or simply just makes you giggle. We all need to laugh at this crazy life sometimes.
I was raised by a farmer’s daughter and I have a strong passion for teaching people how to live their very best life. I’m driven to joyously enhance my own knowledge every day and I would be honoured if you follow me and stay with me on this journey (and of course I would hope you feel compelled to share it with your friends.)
I don’t begin to claim to have all the answers, that’s not what I’m offering. Instead, I would like to invite you to explore the journey as we face the questions and together search for answers and solutions that honour ourselves and our families and tread gently on Mother Earth.