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Do you keep hearing about essential oils?

Are you wondering how these things are all the rage, but you have no idea what they are or what in the world you are supposed to do with them?

Do you wonder if they are a new thing? Simply the latest fad?

Do you keep seeing Facebook posts and getting invited to parties but still have no clue what anyone is talking about?

Or have you gone one step further and you’ve purchased essential oils, only to see them collecting dust on your counter a year later because you have no desire to sit through a 2-hour presentation on the use of essential oils in your home and office?

I feel your pain.

Essential oils have become big business lately and unfortunately when anything becomes big business the waters seem to get muddied. The quality of the product becomes suspect, and people starting doing things just because the masses say so.

The truth is that essential oils have been around as long as plants have been around. The very short description of an essential oil is that it is the very essence of a plant, flower or tree.

That essence is either extracted or distilled from the plant creating an extremely concentrated oil of the plant. Trust me, they’re definition is much more in depth than that, but that is not my purpose today.

In my classes I delve much deeper into what an essential oil is and its uses, BUT for today, I just want to help you understand what they are and how they might be used. (No sales pitch today – just honest information you can use!!)

So how do essential oils work and why do you want to use them?

Essential oils can be absorbed into the bloodstream when they are applied topically to the physical body. In this manner they are great at helping with physical ailments and skin conditions.

They can also affect your olfactory bulb by being dispersed into the air. This is why they work so well on helping with mood, they can be uplifting or calming and are a great aid in people dealing with stress.

So how do you use them?

Here are a couple of methods to get you started, but there are many:


This is one of my favourite methods because the essential oils can penetrate the skin and get into the bloodstream, whilst the steam from the bath lifts the scent of the essential oil and it helps to work on the mind. It offers an entire mind/ body experience all in the warm comfort of your bathtub.

Best Method:

  • Take one large mason jar
  • fill it 2/3rd with Epsom salts and 1/3rd baking soda
  • Add 10 drops of essential oil of choice
  • Shake and seal the jar for 2 days
  • Put 1 cup of mixture into the bath
  • Soak for 20 minutes

Steam Distillation in the house

This can be done in many ways with all kinds of price points, that is – you can do it cheaply, or you can do it at enormous cost and everything in between:

  • Electric Diffuser: this is the most expensive method but it seems to be the most popular right now, many of them create a mist within the home Click Here
  • Candle based diffuser: this is actually my favourite, I light one every morning with a specialized blend depending on my needs Click Here

Stove Top Method: In a small saucepan you can add 5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil and put the pot on simmer

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I also love our “Thief Elixir” which is similar to Young Living Thieves Blend, it is extremely helpful in times when your house has gotten a bug. Diffusing that blend will help to keep the rest of the house healthy.

After closing Earth’s Berries I researched long and hard before I decided on an essential oil company that I could promote and actually stand behind. I wanted to be able to offer the oils retail as well as use them in my clinic with my clients. In the end, the company that I believe not only has incredible essential oils and blends but they are also reasonably priced is Plant Therapy. It is important to me that one of the most valuable health modality’s of essential oils is accessible to all.

If you live in the Collingwood area I make a monthly order which helps to save on shipping and duty, you can check our Facebook page for days and times of monthly orders.

However, you can order directly from the plant therapy site

Much love and Many Blessings


Topical Application

To any vegetable oil base such as Organic Olive Oil, Organic Avocado oil, Organic grapeseed oil or Organic coconut oil you can add 5 drops to 1 Tbsp and then apply to your skin either for muscle relief or skin conditions or just simply to enjoy the mood enhancing and physical benefits.

Each essential oil has many different healing properties and there is much of that information on my site or on other sites as well. My plan was not to get into all of that today, I just want to get you started using Essential oils.

Unfortunately, because there is so much mass use of them lately, they are being treated like fragrances and they are just so much more, they are an herbal extract, just like many herbal extracts that are out there on the health food store shelves.

The added bonus is that they have the most glorious aromas.

That said, just because Clary Sage is amazing to be used as a muscle relaxant if you can’t stand the smell, the stress of not liking the smell will discount many of its properties. So essential oils become about personal preference, the more you begin to use them the more you will begin to relate to them and find the ones that you absolutely love and the ones you can’t live without.

For me, after 25 years of essential oil use, I love being exposed to new essential oils, it’s like finding a diamond.

I’m often asked what essential oils should I buy?

Oh boy, do I dislike the word should!!!

My personal recommendations:

  • Lavender
  • A citrus that you like… (my favourite is lime)
  • A floral…..ylang ylang or geranium
  • A spice….black pepper, cinnamon, clove
  • Peppermint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Tea tree