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I entered the world of Holistic Therapy in 1995 and became a practitioner of Essential Oil Therapy, Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and Reflexology. Later I added to that natural nutrition, Reiki, and Access consciousness Bars. My years as a seeker of natural health and different spiritual traditions have stimulated a passion to help people through not only physical stress and strain but also emotional trials and tribulations. Over my many years, I have taught many people how to rid their home, body and mind of toxic chemicals and toxic thoughts, creating many meditation circles for people to come and explore their deeper soul desires.

My greatest passion is to help people to find within their own souls the ability to heal and help themselves. With guidance, both physical and emotional I can help people to grow into a bigger idea of themselves that they can’t quite yet imagine.

I am a Registered Natural Health Care Practitioner with a desire to help people to heal their body, mind, and souls naturally.

Many of my clients over the years have often said it is not what she does but how she does it that creates a little spark of magic. “Every moment is filled with loving intention.”

Services Provided:

Reflexology with Essential Oils

Essential Oil Therapy

Essential Oil Workshops

Meditations Workshops

Non-Toxic Living Workshops

One on One Meditation Teachings

Personalise your own workshop


Reflexology with Essential oils ……………………………$45

45-minute foot reflexology treatment and hand massage including personalized essential oil blend

Workshop rates are determined at the time of workshops

Karen Salcedo
Tel: 705-443-9786

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