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Are you a firm believer that you can’t meditate? Well, the truth is you can. Give yourself a favour and start working with this beginner’s meditation.

I have had a meditation practice for over 20 years, when I go through times in my life where I am not taking the time to meditate, my life becomes out of balance very quickly. I have taught many meditation classes and my approach is very different from many, my goal is to get people to take the time to sit and practice.

Forget the rules and the regulations…

  • the should do
  • the have to do,
  • the right posture
  • the wrong posture
  • the right hand placement
  • the wrong hand placement.

All of that can come later, for now, just sit. Sit for 5 minutes everyday and soon you will find that you will be able to sit for 20 minutes, like anything it is a skill that needs to be worked and developed.

So if you are just starting out try these simple steps
1.  Find a quiet place that you won’t be interrupted for 5 minutes
2. Set a timer on your phone with a gentle alarm
3. Sit down on the floor, a chair, JUST SIT, for now I don’t care how
4. Close your eyes and if you can look into the backs of your eye lids, it helps to keep you focused
5. Begin to watch your breath, that is all
6. Breath in, breath out
7. .Your mind WILL wander, that is ok, anytime you realize that you wandered off, just come back to your breath.

Come back to this practice every day and just keep extending your time.
You can advance your practice in many ways and begin to learn different ways of meditating but for now just keep it simple and commit to the practice.
I’d love to know how you are doing.

One person I adore in the world of meditation is Tara Brach.
This is the meditation that I chose to do on Saturday. It might just resonate with you. It is about awareness and letting be.